Napoleon's House Cleaning Services
Personalized and Professional House Cleaning Services.
Palm Springs-Cathedral City-Rancho  Mirage-Palm Desert

House Cleaning Services

Regular House Cleaning Services Include:  cleaning and sanitizing kitchen and bathrooms, including all appliances and fixtures.  All hard-surface floors are cleaned by hand.  Dusting and polishing of all furniture and shelving and cleaning appropriate knickknacks.  Vacuuming carpets and appropriate furniture.  If requested, regular service may also include cleaning ceiling fans, light fixtures, heating/cooling vents, sliding glass door tracks, making beds, cleaning mini-blinds, laundry services and trash removal.

Special House Cleaning Requests:  May include and are not limited to:  window cleaning, cleaning drawers and cabinets, closets, garage vacuuming with shop-vac, patio and furniture cleaning and interior refrigerator and stove/microwave cleaning and sanitizing. 

Remember, the checklist is prepared by you to meet your needs and budget.

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