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House Cleaning Tips

Painted Walls

To prevent dirt from bulding up, make it part of your cleaning routine to clean walls from time to time with the dusting brush of your vacuum cleaner or a soft , long-handled brush. 

House Painting Tip (Exterior & Interior)
Here in the desert, dust is a real problem.  Flat paint is fine for ceilings, but next time you re-paint a room, consider using an eggshell (some paint distributors will call it Satin) for the walls.  Dust, dirt, markings - so much easier to clean and your room will look so much more Alive!  I just re-painted the exterior of our stucco home with Sherman Williams Duration Paint - Satin.  Expensive but the paint and color will last years longer than most other paints and to clean any dust from the walls, just wash down the walls lightly with your garden hose.  No soap.  No work!      


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